The Future of Volvo is Going Small

The future of new Volvo cars in Bristol is getting smaller... and we don't mean in sales. This spring, Volvo unveiled Concept 40, the first two vehicles built on Volvo's all-new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA).

Volvo hasn't had an entry in the compact segment since discontinuing the Volvo C30 in 2013, at least in the United States. The V40 has lived on in other countries worldwide, including England, Sweden, and Japan, but Americans have been starved for a small Volvo.

Concept 40 represents a brand-new 40-series on a new platform, and the U.S. is finally a target market.

For concepts, the two vehicles looked remarkable production-ready, and in fact we should be seeing them hit Tennessee dealerships sometime next year. Finally, Bristol area drivers who value safety, but are looking for something more efficient and urban will have an option tailored to their needs!

CMA promises to make the new Volvo 40-series engaging to drive, and make it easy to produce in both conventional gasoline, and electric powertrains. Contact Friendship Volvo of Bristol for ongoing updates on pricing and release dates, as they become available. In the meantime, browse our pre-owned inventory to look for other compact options.

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