How Do I Maintain My New Car the Right Way?

Your new car is a special thing for you. Maybe it's the first time you bought a brand new car, or maybe you trade one in every few years for a new one. The thing is, you want to know the best way to care for your vehicle, so it operates smoothly, safely, and maintains its high value for a future trade in.

You need to follow the manufacturer's required warranty specifications and recommendations in order not to invalidate your warranty. Along with the required maintenance procedures, there are some recommendations in your user's manual that will give your car the capability of continued high value and smooth performance.

Here at Friendship Volvo we are uniquely qualified to service your vehicle according to the manufacturer's recommendations, our trained professional staff is completely familiar with the specific requirements for your vehicle. Give our service team a call at (877) 372-1479 and we can get your car taken care off.

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