Volvo XC60 Safety Features

One of the most popular luxury compact SUV's on the road today is the Volvo XC60. And while its design and performance features are incredibly impressive on their own, we here at Friendship Volvo of Bristol in Bristol, TN would like to take some time to discuss its various safety features.

After all, the safety of you and your family is our top priority. First, this vehicle includes a blind spot alert system. This allows you to always safely make a turn or switch lanes on the highway without the fear of cutting off another driver. Additionally, the cross-traffic alert will tell you if any cars or pedestrians are walking behind your vehicle as you're pulling out of a parking spot.

Finally, drivers will really appreciate the lane keeping aid which is constantly monitoring your driving while you are on a single lane road. If it notices you're veering off the road, it can smoothly redirect you to the center of the lane.

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