Overview of Volvo's New XC60 R-Design Trim and What Makes it Special

Part of what makes Friendship Volvo of Bristol special is its attention to highlighting what makes each vehicle special. We know that car buyers are interested in perks and things that help a car stand out. This is one reason the new Volvo XC60 R-Design needs to be explored.

Getting to Know the XC60 R-Design

Sometimes, standing out in a city like Bristol, TN can take a lot of work, or it could be as easy as driving a luxury vehicle like a Volvo. This luxury SUV comes with all sorts of little things that distinguish it amongst other models; for example, its glossy black mesh grill makes it look quite spectacular.

The vehicle also comes with matte silver mirror caps and integrated tailpipes that give the idea behind the design a whole new meaning. The SUV's big 19-inch alloy wheels give the vehicle a strong presence that you'll be able to feel as you drive around.

The R-Design also comes with contour seats that are made with fine leather, which adds to the overall luxury feel. You even have cushion extensions to help improve your overall comfort when sitting in your car.

Of course, this model comes with some of the newest tech updates, such as a Digital Driver Display that gives you information about your car or infotainment options. The handling of the car is a little more sporty, which goes along with its overall sporty SUV look.

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