Use These Tips to Clean Your Car's Tires

At Friendship Volvo of Bristol, we know that your car's tires are subject to road grime. Keeping the tires on your vehicle clean is easy when you regularly follow a few simple tips. Cleaning tires can also help to prevent other problems.

Tires tend to build up a lot of brake dust. This is the debris that occurs as brake pads wear down. If you live in a cold climate road salt is another issue for tires. You should start the cleaning process with a dry brush. This will remove larger particles of dirt and grime. You can then use a tire cleaner for the wet wash, or you can make your own with a small amount of dish soap and water.

We want to invite you down to our service department here in Bristol, TN where you can learn more about keeping tires clean. We can also perform any service you need while you are here.

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