Having functional brakes is a crucial element in ensuring the safety of all vehicle occupants. Having the braking system checked and repaired as needed is necessary to keep them functioning as intended.

Brake pads, brake fluid and other components of the system need to be inspected routinely and corrected as needed. Brake pads wear over time, which causes friction between metal components. If not remedied, vehicle owners face costly repairs. Brake lines may need bled or emptied and brake fluid replaced. Otherwise, air or contaminants in the system may cause brakes to fail.

Brake shoes and rotors should also be checked periodically to ensure there is no undue wear and tear. If noticing a squealing sound when applying the brakes, or the brakes do not seem to slow or stop the vehicle normally, there is a problem. Schedule a consultation with one of our Bristol, TN Friendship Volvo of Bristol technicians to have the situation assessed, diagnosed and repaired.

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