One of our goals is to help Bristol, TN drivers take care of their vehicles. Spring is an ideal time for automotive maintenance. During the winter, dirt and road salt can accumulate on your vehicle, and a spring wash-n-wax is a great way to get your vehicle ready for warm weather. Read on for more springtime auto tips.

Before the hot weather arrives, be sure to have stalling, rough idling, and hard starts fixed. It's also recommended to flush and refill the radiator and make sure to check the coolant on a regular basis. Have a service technician check the condition of your vehicle's hoses, belts, and clamps.

Spring is also a good time to inspect the outside of your vehicle. Check your tires for damage, and it's also essential that you replace worn windshield wiper blades. If you make sure to keep plenty of washer fluid in your vehicle, it will help combat insects and dust.

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