Hi Mitch,

I have been trying to get a note off to you for several weeks but didn't get
it done when I first bought my new car & then was out of town for a few
weeks….so I am late but very sincere in my desire to let you know what a
wonderful experience I had in the purchase of my new XC60 at your
In October my brother-in-law was visiting and he came along with me as I was
thinking I was in the market  for a new car….we came by your dealership to
look at the Volvo SUV's and  I was also interested in the Hyundai Santa Fe.
What I really wanted was a car with all the high tech stuff…as I keep cars a
long time (8 years for the big Volvo I was then driving).  Grant Walters
(nephew??)  took care of us that day in October, very helpful & very
knowledgeable about all of the cars I was looking at. When I realized that
the big SUV still had very little in high tech, I was intrigued by the  XC60
which of course was loaded with high tech.

As you might remember I am a "Volvo forever" type…so even though I might
look at other cars I always seem to wind up  with another Volvo.
As you can imagine, I was very anxious  to be buying a car on my own for the
first time….so I never really got back to test drive the XC60 until right
after Christmas, one of my visiting daughters said she'd go along with me if
I wanted to test drive the car.
I asked to see Grant, who had been so nice & helpful, but he was at the
Hyundai dealership with another client, so he sent Eric Lambert to take care
of us.
I cannot praise Eric enough for his professionalism, kindness, helpfulness,
etc….I could go on and on. That day Sarah & I were there for about 4
hours….and again another 4 hours on the day of purchase……and finally I went
back alone on Jan  1st to pick up the vehicle.
Throughout this entire experience…..with Grant and then with Eric, I never
once felt intimidated or rushed as I feared I might….and Grant kept checking
on us throughout the whole process as well.
Eric went far above & beyond the norm of customer service, I would say.
Throughout the entire experience he was determined that I would feel
comfortable with the car & all the new "bells & whistles" that he took so
much time in explaining & demonstrating to me. He called several times to
see how the car was doing….even offered to come & drive it during the frigid
temps in January when I was out of town.
When I needed to get the car back in to have the Sensus program installed,
he again offered to pick the car up and/or return it to me….

Mitch, I just want you to know that you can be very proud of the
professionalism of  these two young men on your sales staff. I was so
grateful for the level of knowledge and assistance they both
offered…..without ever being pushy or intimidating.  I have already
recommended them to friends who I know own Volvos & will look at Volvos or
Hyundais in the future.

I absolutely love my new XC60….and this is from someone who always has a
"period of adjustment" giving up an old car and starting with a new one. Not
this time! It's great….and beautiful as well!  A wonderful car buying
experience from start to finish!
Lucyann J